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Clean Water in San Juan!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Imagine this: men, women, and children walking for miles each day just to find water. And when they finally do, it is often contaminated with dirt, bugs, and animal waste. Can you even fathom drinking water like this? In San Juan, water problems like this abound.

Saul and his neighbors in the community face this reality every day. They have worked the land and made San Juan their home for decades. But their biggest challenge has been access to clean water. Children often struggle with their health, suffering stomach pains and sickness from the dirty water.

You Provide San Juan Water Project

Saul and his neighbors began to seek a solution. Their hope kept knocking. Before long your love opened a door with a San Juan water project! Compassion like yours has transformed the community. Operation Blessing Honduras partnered with local villagers to construct a state-of-the-art water system to bless thirsty families with the gift of clean water.

Thanks to you, Operation Blessing also offers clean water systems around the world. In addition, you provide hygiene and sanitation solutions to help keep communities healthy and give them a brighter future. Through wells, filtrations systems, chlorination and more, you make clean water accessible to those in need. Thank you for your kindness! To learn how you can get involved, visit

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