Hope in Darfur: New Arrivals

Want proof that violence is still going on in Darfur? Al Salaam refugee camp has grown from 3,000 to 30,000 in less than a year. And every day, new arrivals come, 100-200 per truck, to escape the violence in their home villages. Step into the shoes of these new arrivals — who arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back — and you can see why Darfur needs our help.

Fortunately, Operation Blessing and numerous other humanitarian organizations have joined to help cushion the fall of new arrivals at Al Salaam. In addition to food, clean water, and shelter materials, Operation Blessing and Humedica operate a free medical clinic, seeing hundreds of patients a day. They also fund schools in the camp, giving children opportunities they never would have had before.

In the midst of their season of suffering, we can help to show these people that there is hope in Darfur.


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