Silvano from Mexico offers a cup of clean water.

Hope and Clean Water for Mexican Community

Silvano from a community in Mexico offers a cup of clean water.

It’s hot, muggy, and threatening rain as we walk up to the local school in the El Castellano, Mexico. The facilities appear small but well kept, and clearly the people here take pride in their school. Nearby, a group of mothers stands by the gate of a lush community garden. Children laugh and play on the adjacent playground.

Clean Water Benefits Community in Mexico

I’m travelling with a group from Operation Blessing Mexico, including national director Montserrat Villafana. She laughs and talks with some of the children who are eager to show us all the veggies they grow in the school garden with clean water. Thanks to the support of Operation Blessing’s generous partners, OB planted this garden and taught the children here how to tend it. Now, they get to eat nutritious veggies at school and even bring some home to their families!

Community receives water and garden.

The Impact Of Clean Water

While touring the garden we meet Silvano, a friendly young man of 12. Silvano tells us that before Operation Blessing came, the community of El Castellano struggled without clean water to drink. “Here the water is very scarce when there is a drought,” Silvano says. Unfortunately, lack of water wasn’t the only problem; the water was unsafe, too.

However, not too long before I arrived, your support had allowed Operation Blessing to install a state-of-the-art rain catchment system. Complete with chlorination, a filtration system and network of pipes.

Clean water from a catchment system.

New Clean Water Systems

Excitedly, Silvano gives us a detailed tour of the new water system and finishes it off with a glass of clean, clear water. “I am very thankful to all the people who supported us and installed our water systems,” Silvano says. “And, well, thank you very much to all of them!”

As we wave goodbye to Silvano and his schoolmates, we think about the incredible impact that Operation Blessing donors like you have made for these children and this community. Thank you for your generosity and faithfulness!

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