How You Are Blessing Dorian Victims

Operation Blessing is in the Bahamas, blessing the Freeport community after they were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Our generous partners make it possible to provide clean water solutions, medical treatment, and chlorine supplies to remove and prevent dangerous mold in what’s left of their homes. To learn more about how you can bless victims of disaster, visit


During times of crisis and disaster victims desperately need your help. Click here to make an online donation today. Your gift can make a huge difference. Thank you for your compassion to bless the hurting.

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    1. Operation Blessing

      Rayta, we did use volunteer help in North Carolina, but we’ve finished our work orders there. We’re currently accepting volunteers in Texas following the flooding from Tropical Storm Imelda. We generally don’t use volunteers overseas due to travel complications. You can find updates on our volunteer page: Thank you for your willingness and blessings.

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