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Faithful Feeding Helps Hunger in America

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

UNITED STATES — Hardships in life have never slowed Betty down. As a caretaker for her adult son, Randy, the 82-year old widowed mother possesses a quiet strength. She is one of many strong American women who are confronted with the challenges of hunger in America.

Financial Strain

Randy’s motorcycle accident over 30 years ago left him without one leg. He also deals with mental disabilities and is not able to live on his own. Even when Betty lost her husband of 40 years, she drew from God’s strength to sustain her through difficult seasons and financial strain.

“I thank Him for all the help He gives me,” she said. “I couldn’t make it without Him!”

Betty used to work hard at grocery stores in order to maintain a steady income. But when she suffered multiple strokes, Betty had to stop working to take care of her health. Now she must survive on $900 a month while also supporting Randy.

“It’s tight every month!” she said.

But when Betty first visited Operation Blessing partner Bread of Life in Indiana, a new world of security opened for her family. The ministry provides monthly food supplies to struggling families. Canned vegetables, beans, cereals, and other nutritious foods fill kitchens like Betty’s each month thanks to your generosity!

Betty gets prayer from hunger relief volunteers.

Relief For Hunger In America

Bread of Life ministry director, Jim, sees firsthand how life-changing this simple supply of food can be for a family as relief for hunger in America. “We see these people come in here and want to give us a hug and cry, and it really makes our day,” he said.

Betty can now spend her income on bills and other expenses for herself and her son, resting in the confidence of faithful donors like you. Thank you for your heart to see widows and the disabled cared for all over the world.

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