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Feeding and Freedom

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

VIRGINIA – Alexa is the picture of a supportive military spouse. Her husband, Juan, has been in the United States Navy for several years. From when they first married to until recently when they faced hunger issues, Alexa has remained a strong anchor for the family back home. 

Juan’s duties with the Navy regularly take him away from his family, as he boards a ship for five to six months at a time. Meanwhile, Alexa is not allowed to discuss the whereabouts of her husband’s ship, and these unknowns often create further concern for their family.

But even when Juan is away, there is a sweetness to Alexa’s days. She stays home to mother her four young children: Sutton, 6; Alaina, 3; Kasey, 1; and Micah, 2 months. Caring for them is one of her greatest joys. 

hunger relief for military families

One Fixed Income For A Military Family Of Six People Leads To Hunger Issues

Yet with so many mouths to feed, Alexa often feels the strain to make ends meet at the end of the month. Additionally, the family’s one fixed income often gets stretched to its limit as Alexa makes the most of every dollar. This of course, can lead to hunger issues.

“After the bills are paid and the kids are taken care of, there’s not much left to help with groceries,” Alexa said. 

Military Hunger Relief Through Operation Blessing

Alexa first discovered an Operation Blessing partner one day while scrolling through Facebook. Then, she sought out information about the food ministry, searching for any help she could find to subsidize her family’s hunger issues. What she did not expect was how friends like you would change her life!

Love From Our Partners Helps Bring Relief For Hunger Issues

Thanks to you, our food distribution partner near Alexa’s home regularly welcomes new beneficiaries to have their food needs met through the ministry of hunger relief. They offer church services full of encouraging prayer and worship. Next, they serve a hot meal to recipients like Alexa and her children. 

Then, because you cared, they load up cars with groceries and food supplies. This blessing helps sustain Alexa’s family for weeks. And it leaves her enough money to attend to other important expenses.

“We don’t have to sacrifice any other bills like gas or anything,” Alexa explained.

The warmth and kindness she’s found among the volunteers have also impacted Alexa greatly in connecting with our partner, especially from the ministry director, Mae.

“Mae has opened to her arms to us. She is like family now. My girls love coming here!” Alexa said.

Beyond the groceries and the support for Alexa, your kindness gives peace of mind to Juan while he is called away from his family. Thank you for your generosity to see military families cared for while their loved ones serve our country and protect our freedom.

helping military families with hunger needs

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