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Not By Bread Alone

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

KENYA – There was a time when Nempaso sent her five children to bed night after night with only a glass of water in their stomachs. Your love now sends them to bed comfortably full due to hunger relief in Kenya

Once a vibrant and hopeful woman, Nempaso watched sadly as disasters began to distort her life. First, COVID-19 hit her community of Arapal, a small, remote village in northern Kenya. She and her husband survived the fear and uncertainty of the pandemic while caring for their children, but now they face a different crisis. Arapal has been struck with a severe drought.   

Owning several goats, Nempaso’s family had gotten by off this milk supply and the ability to exchange it for other goods. Then, the drought took a large portion of their livestock, so they had less to trade. They tried to sell goats just to buy food and basic supplies.  

However, the drought and COVID severely impacted the market, so there was no one to buy the goats. “Sometimes when it gets absolutely unbearable, we grudgingly slaughter a goat, just so our children won’t die from hunger,” Nempaso explained.  

Kenya Hunger Relief

Nempaso’s Family Was Going Hungry

The situation became so dire that Nempaso’s family often survived simply on water. “I remember a day when I couldn’t even face my children because I had nothing to give them,” she said. “I thought we might die! It could only be God who gave us strength to survive.” Their future seemed grim.  

But that’s when your love stepped in! When Operation Blessing Kenya heard of the drought in Arapal, we traveled to the village to provide critical relief made possible by your kindness. Because of your generosity, Nempaso and her neighbors were blessed with hunger relief in Kenya and basic care supplies to sustain them through this season.   

“When I saw all the food that you gave us, I praised God and thanked Him for providing for my family,” Nempaso rejoiced. “My children could hardly believe their eyes when they saw the food. They asked me, ‘Mama, is all this food just for us?’”   Thank you for your compassionate heart! Your love provides comfort in tough seasons and refreshment through life’s droughts.  

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