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You’re Changing Lives Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

MYANMAR – Around the globe, COVID-19 has affected nearly every man, woman and child physically, financially or socially. Its unprecedented impact on global health is matched only by the economic fallout it created. Millions lost their jobs. Either they could not afford food for their families or it wasn’t easily accessible under mass quarantine restrictions and diminishing food supplies.

COVID-19 And A Hungry Family In Myanmar

Ko knows this struggle well. The hardworking husband and father of four children lives in Myanmar. Ko was employed at a dam on the river near his home. He and his wife, Thida, also harvested and sold firewood to supplement their income. But when COVID-19 hit Myanmar, the government shut down the country. Residents were told to say home, businesses closed their doors, and customers stopped showing up to buy firewood. Shortly after the lockdown, Ko lost his job.

Amid the fear of contracting the sometimes-fatal virus, Ko and Thida were suddenly overwhelmed with panic over their food and soap supply that was quickly disappearing. At one point, they were down to their last cup of rice and had begun rationing soap.

“If we can’t go out, how can we survive?” Thida said. “There’s no job, no income. I prayed, ‘God please don’t forget us.’ When my children say they’re hungry, it breaks my heart.”

Hunger Relief In Myanmar

Hunger Relief In Myanmar Due To COVID-19

Thankfully, her miracle was right around the corner. Because of you, Operation Blessing provided hunger relief in Myanmar to give struggling families critical supplies. Bags of rice, a box of oil, beans, soap, and shampoo provided a welcome blessing for Ko and Thida. They were able to wash their hands, prepare the food, and enjoy it together with a new feeling of hope that YOU made possible!

Your gift of hunger relief in Myanmar has blessed families like Thida’s all over the world. In dozens of countries and across the United States, men, women and children are suffering. But you are offering relief. You make it possible to partner with food pantries throughout the U.S. loading up carloads of groceries for parents who have lost their jobs.

Your kindness supplies critical disinfecting supplies to stave off the spread of the coronavirus, like soap and handwashing stations. Because you care, first responders and healthcare workers have been given N-95 masks, gloves and cleaning supplies to safeguard themselves and those they protect from contracting the virus.

We cannot say thank you enough! As we wade through uncharted waters, coronavirus has certainly changed the world. But your generosity never let up. Our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends—no one has escaped the impact of this global crisis. But your love touches those you know and those you don’t, like Ko and Thida, in a time when hope seems far away.

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“I am so grateful!” Thida said. “Now I don’t have to worry about food for my family for a while. I know that God sent you as an answer to my prayers!”

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