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Hungry Mother and Caretaker Receives Blessing

Field Report by Operation Blessing

COSTA RICA – Jenny lives in a modest home with her husband and son. A home where life has been made more challenging by Covid-19 in Costa Rica. Jenny’s parents also live with the family while she acts as their caretaker. Jenny’s father is blind and her mother battles her own health issues. When COVID-19 came to Costa Rica, Jenny worried for her parents’ safety. Jenny’s husband also battles a chronic illness, placing him in the high-risk group as well.

Things came crashing down for Jenny when both she and her husband lost their jobs. Her husband has been without work for 6 months and they have watched their savings dwindle to nothing. The couple runs a business out of their home making baked rosquillas, tamales, and bread. Their business has significantly declined, as their neighbors are either mandated to stay home or are afraid of the virus. Jenny was plagued with anxiety and worry.

But, thanks to our generous partners, Operation Blessing was able to provide for Jenny in her darkest hour! Your kindness provided food bags delivered directly to Jenny’s home during COVID-19 in Costa Rica. These bags were filled to the brim with much-needed groceries, paper products, and hygiene supplies. Your love continues to bless Jenny and her family as they endure the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you!

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  • Amy Fischer my says:

    Please go to help the people of South Lafourche Parish in Louisiana.  Towns like Cut Off, Galliano, etc.  

    • Operation Blessing says:

      Hi Amy, We are in the early planning stages of returning to Louisiana and will be reaching out to some of the areas that you mentioned. For updates you can call 1.800.730.2537.