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You Rushed to Aid Eta Victims in Costa Rica

Field Report by Operation Blessing

COSTA RICA – Not long ago, the destruction of Hurricane Eta devastated Central America. A category 4 storm, Eta disrupted everything in it’s wake. It came late in a tumultuous 2020 hurricane season. Regardless, it did massive damage. And consequently, thousands of families suffered from Hurricane Eta destruction.

In Costa Rica catastrophic flooding especially plagued residents. Many were left with nothing. They saw their homes, belongings and livelihoods destroyed, and they faced a long recovery. Coupled with an already difficult 2020 due to the pandemic, this created a lot of obstacles to overcome. The people who had lost so much needed help to start rebuilding. The question was, where would help come from?

Responding To Hurricane Eta

But thanks to YOU, Operation Blessing responded to the suffering men, women, and children in Costa Rica. You were there for them in their darkest hour! Your gifts and prayers would offer relief to hurricane victims. Your support made the difference in those critical moments following the storm.

You provided many essential supplies to the suffering residents. This generosity came in the form of relief bags filled with supplies the average person might take for granted. To people who had lost everything, they proved critical. The bags included water, hygiene supplies, and blankets, which helped bless Hurricane Eta victims. Ultimately, your kindness provided them comfort when they were in their greatest need. Thank you for your heart to see disaster victims cared for after tragedy. To get involved, visit

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