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Hurricane Eta Devastates Honduras with Flooding

Field Report by Operation Blessing

NORTHERN HONDURAS – Hurricane Eta struck Honduras with devastating force on November 5th. The historic storm caused major flooding. Because of Hurricane Eta flooding thousands upon thousands of families are in desperate need of help. The floodwaters reached critical levels, and flooded hundreds of homes, blanketing parts of Honduras with water. Accordingly the mud adds an additional complication. It, like the water, can cause destruction as it covers everything in sight.

Because of you, Operation Blessing is on the ground in Northern Honduras assessing the situation and helping with the relief effort following Hurricane Eta flooding. Operation Blessing staff is talking to local victims of the storm and gathering intel so we are able to respond effectively. Thanks to your support, we are handing out diapers, hygiene kits, formula, and more. In addition to these supplies, your generosity is providing a power washer to help victims begin the long cleanup process.

In Honduras, Hurricane Eta has brought a nightmare upon thousands of families. The road ahead is long, and we cannot respond without your help. Click here to help support the devastated victims of disaster. If you want to learn more about how Operation Blessing responds in times of disaster, click here. Thank you and God Bless.

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