Isaac Needed Help – And YOU Came Through!

When baby Isaac was born with a cleft lip, his mother, Naimutie, was heartbroken. Not only would his condition make it difficult for Isaac to eat properly, it also carried with it a severe social stigma. Isaac’s parents knew they could not afford surgery for their child, and they feared for his future as members of their community in Kenya labeled Isaac cursed. Thanks to you, Isaac and his family didn’t have to wait long for relief. Operation Blessing’s program coordinator in the region found out about Isaac’s condition while working in his community. Arrangements were made and Isaac was transported to the AIC Kijabe CURE International Hospital where he underwent surgery.The surgery was successful in repairing Isaac’s cleft lip and he has now made a full recovery! Thanks to your support, Isaac’s father, Lekatoo, exclaimed, “My son will be able to go out and play like all the rest!” Thank you for your generosity that is bringing help and hope to children and families around the world.


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