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Doing the Leg Work

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

HAITI – Stevenson is a dreamer. Like most 13-year-old boys, he envisions a future full of excitement and success. A true soccer lover, he dreams of one day being a professional soccer player and representing his country with pride. A dream threatened by a leg injury in Haiti, which turned out to be a femoral fracture. He made a habit of playing soccer with his friends every day in his remote village of Canaan in Haiti. In this way, Stevenson worked on perfecting his skills to achieve everything he could imagine.

But one day, Stevenson encountered a major roadblock on the path to his dreams. While on an errand to fetch water for the family at a nearby source, Stevenson had an accident. He returned home in excruciating pain. Stevenson realized something must be terribly wrong with his leg. He couldn’t even walk on it. His mother saw his pain and took Stevenson to the nearest health center.


A Leg Injury That Would Require Surgery

Unfortunately, the clinic was not adequately equipped to deal with Stevenson’s problem. His mother took him to a hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a severe femoral fracture. As it turned out, Stevenson would need surgery in order for his leg injury in Haiti to heal.

But surgery seemed like an impossibility for Stevenson’s family. His mother worked mostly low-income and irregular jobs, like washing people’s clothes or reselling food condiments on the street. Despite her hard and honest work, Stevenson’s mother could never afford the surgery and post-operative rehabilitation on her meager income. She was out of options and felt hopeless.

However, thanks to YOU, Stevenson’s miracle was right around the corner. His mother heard about Operation Blessing’s Life-Changing Surgeries program through her neighbor and quickly connected with our staff in Haiti. Stevenson met with an orthopedist who quickly scheduled him for surgery. His operation was a success!

For Stevenson’s post-operative care for his femoral fracture in Haiti, the doctor prescribed iron and vitamin supplements to aid in the healing of his leg. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Stevenson’s mother had to manage his rehabilitation process. She worked with him every day to strengthen the muscles in his leg. His mother did a great job supporting him as Stevenson put in the—literal—legwork needed to heal. Since then, Stevenson has made a full recovery. And you made it possible!

Thank you for your generosity to see hurting men, women, and children receive the care they need to lead healthy and robust lives! His mother could not stop thanking the OB Haiti staff for their kindness and for what your gift meant to Stevenson. You make it possible for Stevenson to now run confidently toward his dreams.

femoral fracture in haiti

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