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Getting  A  Leg Up

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

UKRAINE – Nikita already serves as the man of his house at age 17. He’s watched his single mother, Oxana, endure severe hardships. Sadly, she broke her leg a year ago. Compounding the problem, her leg never healed properly. This has turned into a disability. As a result, Oxana can no longer work to support her son. Suddenly she and Nikita were left without an income. 

Nikita’s grandmothers helped them out. Meanwhile, the teenager also decided to get a job to assist in providing for his family. But an unfortunate motorbike accident left Nikita with a thigh fracture, and he was at serious risk for becoming disabled just like his mother. He was transported to the National Ukraine Children’s Hospital, where he received four temporary rods in his leg. Regardless, these were not enough for full recovery. Nikita would need a more long-lasting surgery. 

Without an income, his mother would never be able to pay for the thigh surgery Nikita needed. Hope seemed to be lost as history repeated itself. Accordingly, they needed a way to afford the leg surgery in Ukraine.  


Receiving The Blessing Of Leg Surgery

However, thanks to generous partners like you, Nikita’s miracle was right around the corner. In conjunction with Emanuel Charity Association, Operation Blessing friends funded Nikita’s procedure just in time! The resources were now there for Nikita to get the leg surgery in Ukraine he so desperately needed. The surgery involved placing a plate in his thigh. Following this surgery, he continues to heal every day.  

“I want to thank you for your timely help,” Nikita said. “Thank you for not leaving me in my pain and funding the plate for my surgery. Thanks to you, I will not be a disabled person. Thank you from the depth of my heart!” 

God bless you for your heart to give the gift of health through life-changing surgeries to individuals in need all over the world. Surgeries that change lives for people like Nikita. Surgeries that put people like him on a path to recovery. Thank you for being part of this blessing! 

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