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No Longer Living on the Charity of Others

Field Report by Operation Blessing

ETHIOPIA – Two-year-old Feyeri had a grand entrance into this world: she was born on her mother’s immigration journey from their home country of Eritrea to their ancestor’s home of Ethiopia. Freweini and her then-three-year-old daughter Mamuk were migrating to Ethiopia after the girls’ father abandoned them, leaving Freweini with no choice but to find a new home.

With a toddler and a days-old infant in tow, Freweini had nothing but the clothes on her back. They had little-to-no food or housing on their journey, and the three were living only on the charity of others. At the appeal of a local resident, Operation Blessing partner Embracing Hope Ethiopia intervened in their situation.

Freweini and her children

Shelter and food provisions were set up for Mamuk, Feyeri and Freweini until they were able to sustain themselves. In a short time, Freweini found work as a cook and cleaner, Mamuk was enrolled in nursery school and Feyeri was set up at the local daycare center, where the entire family received food for their first month in Ethiopia. Clothing, furniture and bedding materials were also provided, as well as counseling to help Freweini adapt to life in a new country.

Freweini is forever grateful for the help from Operation Blessing and Embracing Hope Ethiopia. Without food, clothing and shelter, Freweini believes Feyeri would have died soon after she was born. The encouragement she received gave her the confidence to believe that instead of living a life of desperation, she and her daughters could have hope for the future.

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