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Living A Miracle

Field Report by Elisa Preston

LIBERIA – Miracles is the third in her family line, after her mother and grandmother, to have been born with clubfoot. In rural Liberia, correcting the condition is not a given. Often, those born with clubfoot in this region are already trapped in a cycle of poverty that makes even basic healthcare unattainable.

Miracles’ father abandoned the family early on. She lives with her mother, Hannah, and grandmother, Yahin-yee, in a hut with a leaky roof. Neither adult attended school, and the family heavily depends on its community for basic needs.

Miracles with Hannah before her treatment.

Operation Blessing connected with this family through MiracleFeet, a global organization that works with local healthcare providers to increase access to proper treatment for children born with clubfoot in lower to middle-income countries.

Thanks to Operation Blessing partners, Miracles has now undergone the proper treatment for clubfoot known as the Ponseti Method, and has shown great improvement. Treatment was safe and easy to deliver, a miracle in itself for a family whose access to proper healthcare has been a constant struggle. Miracles will be able to have a full and productive life that her mother and grandmother have struggled to obtain.

Miracles during casting stage.

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