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Louisiana Families Return Home as Flood Waters Recede

Field Report by Operation Blessing

A family places a sign warning off burglars after flood waters in Louisiana devastated their home.

LOUISIANA – Several days of torrential rains flooded thousands of homes in Louisiana—with countless belongings and treasures destroyed. As the flood waters receded, residents returned to their waterlogged homes.

Kaycee and her children almost didn’t make it out. Her husband, Kyle, told her to grab a few belongings and leave with their two young children.

“I really thought it was going to be more of just flooding all around our home,” Kaycee said. “We did not think the water was going to get in the house.”

A foot of water entered their home, and since their home is not located in a flood plain the family was without flood insurance. They weren’t sure where to begin or who to call for help. Kaycee learned Operation Blessing’s United States Disaster Relief team was in the area, and she asked for help. It wasn’t long before volunteers filled her house and lawn, helping remove damaged items and giving this young couple a hand.

“I just could not believe people would want to help,” Kaycee said. “That surprised me. I don’t even know these people.”

Operation Blessing volunteers on the ground are working with victims to salvage what they can and help empty homes of permanently damaged belongings. The painstaking process is often difficult for homeowners facing the sudden loss of years of memories and treasured possesions, but our teams are there to provide support through the difficult days after the storm.

Kaycee hugs Operation Blessing staff member Dan Moore, thankful for the help her family received after the Louisiana floods.

In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, Kyle served as a volunteer to help others. Now on the receiving end, he and his wife are thankful.

“It is so touching. We are not alone in this,” Kaycee said. “Definitely, thank Operation Blessing. This was lovely.”

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