Making Delicious ‘Tejadas’ with Elva in Honduras

For families in communities like Monte Verde, Honduras, breaking the cycle of poverty can feel impossible. But a small investment may be all it takes to transform a family’s business and life.
Elva’s husband David worked as a driver, but his income wasn’t steady, and their family struggled to make ends meet. David and Elva decided to start a business making and selling plantain chips and fried chicken. They had to wake before dawn to make the plantain chips because they only had two small fryers, then they would seal them in packets and David would distribute them. Though they were willing to work hard, the business wasn’t living up to its potential and the family was only earning enough to provide two meals a day for their children. Hoping for a small hand up, Elva asked if Operation Blessing could help by supplying tables and chairs so that they could serve customers chips and chicken on the weekends in their small, makeshift kitchen. Instead, the OB Honduras staff decided to completely make-over “La Cocina de Elva,” or “Elva’s Kitchen.” Elva and David’s new restaurant now has plenty of space, better conditions, and a large industrial fryer for the plantain chips, as well as the tables and chairs that they requested! Elva is very grateful, and she and her husband are committed to making their business thrive thanks to the new tools for success supplied by Operation Blessing


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