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Mayo Clinic Partnership

The long-standing partnership between Operation Blessing and the Mayo Clinic has culminated most recently in life-saving programs operating in El Salvador and Honduras. In the past, Operation Blessing has worked with the Mayo Clinic to perform surgeries for patients in need, travel to cholera-stricken Haiti to provide care to patients and visit victims of flooding in Latin America. This unique partnership brings essential education and care to those who need it most.


Do Mayo Clinic doctors travel with you?

There are times when Mayo Clinic doctors join Operation Blessing in the field, such as when cholera struck Haiti in 2011, and after devastating floods hit El Salvador in 2009. Additionally, Dr. Brian Brost, from the Mayo Clinic, travels to Honduras several times a year to provide training on real life, emergency obstetrics.

How do videos about diseases help?

In El Salvador, these videos are disseminated to Ministry of Health clinics to be used as teaching tools for medical staff and patients. These videos stress the importance of continued care in an effort to encourage patients not to ignore their health in the face of these difficult conditions.


  • El Salvador: Education is provided through a series of videos produced by the Mayo Clinic, with assistance from the OB El Salvador team. One video promotes awareness of respiratory diseases, such as asthma and tuberculosis, and the other addresses the importance of continued medical care for HIV-positive patients. The partnership also offers bronchoscopy training for Salvadorian doctors and others.
  • Honduras: The Mayo Clinic works with Operation Blessing to provide Maternal and Fetal Emergency Care education for medical students and residents. Several times a year, Dr. Brian Brost, of the Mayo Clinic, travels to Honduras to do model simulation trainings on real life emergency obstetrics. The goal is to begin to move the training from residents at hospitals to clinic-level workers who also deliver babies during emergencies.
  • Haiti: Mayo Clinic produced an informative training DVD addressing cholera to be disseminated around Haiti through the OBI medical network there. The first batch consists of distributing 100 DVDs and 10 DVD players in the region.