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Summer Recipe Booklet

Operation Blessing Light & Lean Recipes

Warm weather, time outdoors, and fresh healthy food are all gifts of the sunny summer months. Our summer recipe booklet download looks to infuse your summertime meals with healthy nutritious recipes from around the world. Each recipe is selected from a country that Operation Blessing friends like you are supporting with your kindness and love. The fruit of your giving is now coming back to you in the form of actual foods enjoyed in these far away lands where you made a difference to help hurting people.

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Food Partners around The World: Operation Blessing And You

At Operation Blessing, we’re big advocates of healthful cooking and eating. In fact, thanks to our generous partners, we’re able to offer school nutrition programs, agriculture initiatives, food distributions and more around the world. We’ve even provided lessons in nutritional cooking for moms in Mexico and other countries.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., friends like you help supply free groceries for struggling Americans through our Hunger Strike Force. We thought it would be fun to collect some light, summery recipes from our offices around the world to spice up your summer a little. These recipes come to us by way of our staff, volunteers, and partners.

Your partnership, support, and generosity are touching lives throughout Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Many families that were once lacking basic nutrition now have hunger relief. Many mothers once facing food insecurity in foreign lands now have new businesses, capital and equipment for microenterprises to provide for their families. The one common ingredient in all these stories, was your support.

We hope you enjoy this delicious—and for the most part nutritious—international recipe collection. We begin with starters and sides, move through some main courses, and end with two light, nutrient-rich desserts.

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Summer Recipes: Travel around the World through Authentic International Meals

Your summer travel plans may not include a trip around the world. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy authentic cuisines from across the globe. Throughout the year you have faithfully supported our efforts to feed people who are in need.

Now we’d like to say thank you with authentic summer recipes from their corners of the world. Your efforts span multiple continents. What better way to show our appreciation of you, our generous partners, than with the actual fruits of those labors. These fruits are coming in the form of recipes from our grateful friends and family around the world.

The recipes come from actual offices that Operation Blessing works in to provide hunger relief and prevent food insecurity. They come from the villages that have relied on you so desperately for food, training, and opportunities to create businesses to support their families.

Here is a quick synopsis of the recipes and their origin country:

  • An appetizer from Jordan
  • A salad recipe from Guatemala
  • A classic robust dish from the Ukraine
  • A zesty shrimp delight from Mexico
  • A classic chicken dish from Honduras
  • A refreshing side dish from Germany
  • A tangy beans and rice dish from Haiti
  • A delectable seafood entrée with a burst of cilantro from Peru
  • A crisp fruit salad from Thailand
  • A dessert from Kenya that resonates with the taste of cinnamon and cane sugar

Nothing Unites Us Like Food

Nothing is as common a denominator across the globe as having meals together. Whether you are a single mother in Georgia feeding your kids or a family cooking in their mulyatta in Kenya, food is an integral part of our lives. So we invite you to join us for this exploration through food.

Recipes from the Very People Friends Like You Helped Feed

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This summer recipe booklet is as much about the people who inspired these recipes as the dishes themselves. Throughout the recipe booklet you will see stories about actual people who have benefited from the kindness of Operation Blessing friends. We are so thankful for their dedication to feeding the hungry.

This dedication is featured in stories like Ana’s in Guatemala. Ana’s path to food security came in the form of a cooking business. A business that partners like you helped fund. As a result she can feed her family. Their care was her recipe for hope.

You can also read about the difference our generous supporters made in Mosoni’s life. Mosoni is a young girl from Kenya. Her family was suffering through drought. Read how you changed her life and how you helped her family feed themselves for days to come.

Take a journey of both culinary exploration and compassion with this summer recipe booklet.