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One More Tale to Tell Thanks to Medical Care In Peru

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

PERU – One glance at Luzmila brings to mind her rich heritage in the remote highlands of Peru. But life there can be hard, and without the medical care in Peru you helped provide her, this beautiful lady might not have made it.

Time has etched quite a story into Luzmila’s weathered face. She still wears the traditional style clothing, typical to her area of San Jerónimo. While she understands some of the more commonly used Spanish language, she is fluent in her native tongue of Quechua.

Despite the fact that she can barely walk anymore, Luzmila has a ready smile. And she’s always happy to share her tales with family, friends and anyone who will listen.

That all nearly came to an end when Luzmila fell terribly ill. For days she suffered from fever and coughing, and it only seemed to be getting worse. Her devoted husband, Dionisio, said, “I take care of her at all times.” But he recognized this time she was in serious danger.

Peruvian women in need of healthcare

Peruvian Medical Care Is Not Always Easily Accessible To All

Medical care in Peru can often be scarce due to the distance and isolation of remote places like San Jerónimo. The closest hospital was far away and difficult to reach, making it nearly impossible for an elderly lady so terribly ill to get help. However, thanks to your cheerful giving, Operation Blessing supports a small clinic near their home. Dionisio turned there for assistance in his desperate moment.

“Please help my wife!” he pled when he arrived. “She’s been sick for three days. I tried to help her with medicinal herbs and nothing seems to work. She can’t walk anymore, and I can’t carry her alone. Someone, please come over.”

Because of your compassion, the health care clinic staff went right to Luzmila’s home with the medical care she needed. After a diagnosis of acute bronchitis and fever, they began the prescribed treatment right away, including using a nebulizer to help her breathing. For the next two days the staff returned to continue treating Luzmila with the nebulizer.

women in san jeronimo gets medical care in peru

Luzmila’s Heath Was Restored By The Healthcare She Received

By her final checkup, Luzmila’s health was restored thanks to you! Although Peruvian medical care is not always easily accessible, your partnership made it possible to help. In her own language, she expressed her gratitude to the staff for coming to help her. And Dionisio said, “We are so fortunate to have you guys around. We are happy to have people like you who treat us well! Thank you very much!”

Now Luzmila has one more happy story to add to the list of tales she so cheerfully shares—a story of how your love rescued her in her time of need.

Luzmila and her visiting nieces

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