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You Renewed Hope for Gaby in Peru

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

PERU – Meet Gaby, a happy 3-year-old living in the highlands of Peru. Then one day she started having symptoms that concerned her mother, Priscila. 

“My daughter was feeling bad for almost three days,” Priscila explained. “She was in a bad mood, had a dry cough, and had been running a fever for two days. I was so worried!” 


A Remote Village in Peru

Gaby and her family reside in the remote community of San Jeronimo de Ullagachi. Many families call this area home, but they have always lacked resources, including ready access to medical care. Too often, families like Gaby’s could not afford the transportation to get to the nearest medical clinic in Peru, some two hours away. 

However a few years ago, friends like YOU helped provide a miracle! Through your support, Operation Blessing located an abandoned building in Gaby’s community and renovated it into a fully functional medical clinic. This offered accessible health care to this needy area. The facility provides medical diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatments. Local residents can be trained as Community Health Volunteers at the clinic, learning how to care for their own families and neighbors in times of need.  


Health Clinic Makes a Difference

When Gaby became so sick, Priscila brought her to the clinic, desperate for answers and relief. The staff checked her symptoms, examining her throat and listening to her labored lungs. They diagnosed Gaby with acute bronchitis. The extremely cold and dry climate of the highlands, often reaching near-zero temperatures, made her susceptible to this illness. 

But thanks to you, Gaby was in the right place! Your kindness has continued to provide a monthly supply of medicine to the clinic. This ensures proper treatments for residents of San Jeronimo de Ullagachi. The staff gave Gaby medicine to clear her bronchitis. They also gave her a nebulization treatment to ease her breathing. She started on the path to recovery! 

Additionally, Priscila was provided with important health information. It covered issues like preventing COVID-19, proper nutrition, hand washing, and warm liquid intake. Priscila learned how to prevent the common cold that can develop into bronchitis or even pneumonia, which would be very dangerous for Gaby. 


Priscila and Gaby returned to the clinic five days later for a check-up. Gaby was in better spirits and Priscila was full of praise! 

“My daughter got much better after being nebulized,” Priscila said. “And the syrup that we received in the health center helped her to not feel feverish. She is healthy now. Thank you so much for the help!” 

Moreover, thank you for your heart to see Gaby, and so many other families, receive the care they need through a medical clinic in Peru! 


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