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Meeting Needs of A Single Mother in North Carolina

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Single mother Allison spends her days caring for her 5-year old son who has autism. While he used to enjoy learning and spending time with friends at school, he now mostly stays inside with his mother. Due to the COVID-19 crisis in the United States, Allison and her son avoid going outside to avoid potential infection.

Allison supports her family on a fixed income she receives for her son’s condition. Her budget is very tight at the end of each month, causing stress on Allison for how she must divide their portion.

Food And Clothing Drives For Single Mother Allison And Others In Need

But thanks to YOU, Operation Blessing partner Anchor Ridge in Appalachian North Carolina has been hosting regular food and clothing drives for struggling families in the area. Single Mother Allison has been visiting Anchor Ridge and is tremendously blessed by the help she has received. Thank you for easing her burden during these trying times!

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