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Hope For Agnes After Tragedy Strikes

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UKASI VILLAGE, KENYA – Agnes and her husband Joseph lived together with their children in Kenya. Agnes’s life would soon be inexorably changed. A change that would take her from sorrow to a successful microenterprise in Kenya. Expecting her third child, Agnes cared for the children while Joseph worked in town. But then an unimaginable tragedy struck. A few hours after giving birth, terrorists killed Joseph in a brutal attack and left Agnes all alone. “After Joseph died, life became very hard for us.” Agnes explained quietly. “I had just had surgery while I was in labor, and I couldn’t work yet.”

Suddenly finding herself a widow, Agnes struggled greatly to feed her children. Like so many others who experience economic hardship, food insecurity became a way of life. “Life became very difficult. I didn’t have a source of income,” she said. And if that wasn’t hard enough, drought suddenly destroyed all of the crops on Agnes’s small farm. Life seemed hopeless for the young widow and her children.

But unbeknownst to Agnes, hope was on its way. Thanks to your generosity, Operation Blessing and International Christian Concern were able to step in and help. Your support set up a small store for Agnes in the local shopping center. Additionally this microenterprise in Kenya gave Agnes a life-saving source of income, and she can now support her children all on her own! Agnes is so grateful for her store, and has been doing well. She even bought some chickens with her proceeds, so she can grow her business. “I want to say a big thank you, and may God bless you!” she exclaimed joyfully. Because of you, people like Agnes are receiving life-changing gifts like this all over the world. Click here to learn more about Operation Blessing’s microenterprise endeavors and to get involved with feeding hungry families like this. Thank you!

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