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Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

PERU— Segundo is a hardworking husband and father. He lives in Padrecocha, Peru, a small community full of culture. Like many of the Cocoma-Cocamilla natives, Segundo and his wife Eliana work as artisans by trade. Together they care for 1-year-old Abraham with the money they earn selling their art, but often their earnings fell short with their microenterprise in Peru.

A Microenterprise In Peru Without The Necessary Tools

Segundo starts his days collecting clay from the riverside to form his ceramics. Eliana focused on crafts made from chambira fiber, her work celebrates her local culture. Although they worked hard, they lacked the proper tools to thrive at their microenterprise in Peru, which made it difficult to provide for their family.  Segundo also spends time as a local missionary, sharing the good news of Jesus with his community. He graduated from a local seminary and co-founded a church.

Despite their hard work, when food or healthcare expenses popped up, Segundo and Eliana had a hard time affording them. So they expanded their efforts and opened their own grocery store too. They served the community with foods and goods as they worked to increase their monthly income. Still, it wasn’t enough.

microenterprise in peru

Trusting In God To Provide For His Family

“I’m always trusting in the hand of God,” Segundo said. “My wife and I strive to get ahead despite the difficulties. But thank God for His blessings and because He will never abandon us.”

Your Support Of Operation Blessing Helps Microenterprise in Peru

Then, thanks to friends like you, Operation Blessing was able to meet Segundo and Eliana in their time of need! Segundo joined Operation Blessing’s program to help entrepreneurs, where he refined his skills and learned best practices as a business owner. Our generous partners also provided supplies for Segundo and Eliana, like an array of paints, paint brushes, carving tools, and Balsa wood. You gave them essential items for Eliana’s store, such as rice, sugar, oil and canned goods.

Because of you, Segundo and Eliana have a new hope within them and a new ability to provide for their little family. They can not only afford food and medicine, but they can now reinvest in growing and improving their business for the future. Thank you for empowering this family as they pour into their own community!

“Thank you, Operation Blessing, for this meaningful help,” Eliana said. “My family and I are very grateful!”

Peru Microenterprise

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