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Midland Michigan Flood Relief Efforts

Field Report by Operation Blessing

MICHIGAN, USA – On May 19, 2020, just after midnight, an emergency alert was issued to the residents of Midland, Michigan, urging approximately 10,000 people in the region to evacuate immediately. Leaving almost everything behind, many of them had no idea that they would be returning to condemned homes that were utterly destroyed. After rainwater caused multiple dams to fail, Sanford Lake and Wixom Lake both emptied out, swallowing up entire homes as they ravaged everything in their path. But you are making a big difference for victims of the Midland Michigan flood.

The residents of Midland, most of whom didn’t have flood insurance because they weren’t considered to be in flood zones, have been at a loss about how to pick up the pieces of their lives.

A volunteer prepares to hand out flood kits for victims of the Midland floods.

Disaster Relief in Michigan

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Operation Blessing’s Disaster Relief team has continued doing what they do best: providing relief to those devastated by life-altering crises. Thanks to your support, we partnered with Living Word Church in Midland, providing them with pallets of flood kits from The Home Depot Foundation and cases of fresh, clean water to deliver to the residents of Midland.

The buckets you helped provide have been very important, as many residents have come home to find that their homes soaked with waste water. These buckets are full of cleaning and disinfecting supplies, which have been challenging for people to find in stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donna and Richard get flood relief.

Flood Victims Get Help

Donna and Richard’s house was utterly destroyed. Richard said, “Ours is one of the homes that is beyond repair. It’s certainly a shock and certainly a mess.” However, supplies you sent will help them to stay safe as they survey the wreckage of their home and search for anything that might be salvaged.

We found 89-year-old widower Robert with smile on his face, despite most of his belongings sitting in a pile of trash on the curb. A faithful believer in Christ, he also said, “I have a sense of humor. So that’s what keeps me going!” Robert can’t drink the water in his house right now. He was so thankful for the clean water, supplies, and encouragement you sent to him.

Elderly Robert smiles despite his flood losses.

Those are just a few of the people you’ve helped during this difficult time. Pastor James Randolph of Living Word Church expressed his deep appreciation for these much-needed supplies, saying, “These Home Depot buckets have been such a blessing. People are just ecstatic about getting this kind of relief and help. It’s been very, very helpful. I want to say thank you. A big thank you!”

Please keep victims of the Midland Michigan flood in your prayers as they begin the recovery and rebuilding process. And please consider giving a special gift for disaster victims at this time.

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