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You Send Health and Smiles to Rural India

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

INDIA – Through your faithful support of Operation Blessing, you are also supporting many of our frontline medical partners. In rural India, because of you, Bangalore Baptist Hospital’s “Smile on Wheels” mobile health clinic in India brings free medical care to approximately 40 rural villages each quarter, seeing about 1,000 residents who might otherwise never receive care for what are sometimes life-threatening conditions. 

Your Blessings Helped a Mobile Clinic in Rural India

You make it possible for this mobile clinic’s qualified staff to provide consultations, tests, procedures, medications, referrals and more in rural India. But rather than us tell you about it, let’s hear from some of the precious people who’ve been most blessed by your kindness!

Personal Testimonies about Rural Mobile Clinic in India

“I am fit as a fiddle now. Previously, when I had high-level diabetes, I found it tough to manage the bulls. Now I can beat them.” – Guru Shankar, 50  

smile on wheels mobile clinic serving rural India

“My daughter escaped death. What was a hopeless situation turned into one of relief and joy, and now she is growing healthier by the day. Thank you for all your help.” – Manya’s Mother

medical care mobile clinic in India

“I had my cataract surgery at Bangalore Baptist Hospital, and every month I get my blood sugar and blood pressure tested…. I’m also part of the Health Committee.” – Lakshmanan, 76 brings tea to the staff


“We had ignored the persistent headaches and tiredness because we had to travel long distances to consult a doctor. But, no more. We get the best medical care at our doorstep!” – Sisters Nagamma and Narasamma

healthcare India

“We are blessed to have you. I want to give back something in return. I will do any work for the running of this clinic; it means so much to us.” – Muniraju, 60

india farmer mobile clinic

“Thank you for the care and the medicines. I am at peace now and am back to my field—where I belong.” – Narayanamma, 68

India mobile clinic

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