Suzette is finally learning to read and write.

Never Too Late to Learn

Suzette is finally learning to read and write.

HAITI – In a small, impoverished Haitian village, receiving an education is often considered a luxury. Many adults have never attended school, and the same goes for their children. To help break through the cycle of poverty by way of education, Operation Blessing and its partners in Haiti built the Ecole Nouvelle Lac Azuei (ENLA) School.

The ENLA School serves children and adults with traditional Western education, nutritious meals and bi-annual health screenings. One adult student, Suzette, is grateful to the ENLA School on behalf of her four children and herself. Suzette and her husband don’t have regular jobs; they make their living by fishing. Before her children attended ENLA, experiences such as learning, eating well and having their health monitored were non-existent. Now, Suzette and her children benefit from the school’s programs.
Suzette with one of her children.
Suzette cherishes her newly acquired knowledge. Through the adult literacy program, Suzette has learned how to write her and her children’s names, and she is growing more and more confident in reading.

“I couldn’t write,” she said. “I was very happy when they taught me the letters of the alphabet because even though I can repeat a lot of words, I never knew how to write them.”

The hope given to Suzette, and others like her, through the ENLA School is a step toward breaking generational poverty, helping families improve their lives and have bigger dreams for their futures.


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