New boats arrive for Japanese fishermen

OBI boats arrive to Japan

KESENNUMA, Japan— It’s “all hands on deck,” literally, as we assemble the 10 boats in preparation for the big handover ceremony tomorrow.

OBI boats in Japanese harbor

Teams work to assemble the seats for the boats.

Operation Blessing and multinational software company, SAP, will present 10 new fishing boats to Japanese fishermen whose livelihoods were ruined in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. We commissioned 20 boats to be built by General Marine of Biddeford, ME. The first 10 boats were funded by a generous donation from SAP Solidarity Fund through its Tohoku Earthquake Aid and Relief Strategy (SAP TEARS) humanitarian program.

SAP Solidarity funded the first 10 boats.

The boats will be presented to fishermen at a special ceremony.

In order to ship the boats stacked inside one another, we needed to ship them without the seat compartments installed.

Fishermen and Maine boat builders work together to assemble final pieces of boats

Teams apply Operation Blessing and SAP logos to the boats.

Stacey, our boat builder from Maine, has been hard at work epoxying all the components in place. It’s freezing cold and Stacey has been hard at it, working alongside the excited fishermen who will receive the boats tomorrow.

Stacey from Maine helps team assemble the boats.

The fishermen love the boat design—the high sides will allow them to easily lean over the side and scoop up their catch whether it be, oysters, seaweed or fish.

Prepping the fishing boats for the special one-year anniversary ceremony.

More to come on tomorrow’s boat ceremony!


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