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Unmasking Grace

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

PERU – Loyda grew up as one of nine children. For as long as she can remember, Loyda’s family worked hard to survive.  

Her mother had a garden behind their humble childhood home in Peru, growing watermelon and corn to sell in the markets. But this money never provided enough to supply Loyda and her siblings with the clothing or education they needed. She watched her older brothers and sisters take on their own jobs and find opportunities to earn money.  

A Lifetime of Hard Work

As she grew older, Loyda’s time to seek employment arrived too. One day, a friend of her mother invited Loyda to work as her in-house helper. Loyda was excited for the opportunity to venture out and make something for herself. 

business in peru with a new micronterprise

Loyda said, “I told my mother I wanted to do something to help her. I was 15 and I didn’t know how to read or write. I just wanted to buy my own clothing and footwear, and I wanted to work.” 

For her hard work, Loyda’s employer compensated her by paying for her education. She quickly earned the respect of her host due to her faithfulness in completing daily household chores. 

As an adult, more hardship has come for Loyda. Her husband proved unfaithful in their marriage, and Loyda had to care for her three children on her own.  


“Had I been a woman that always depended on her husband, I would probably be starving with my children today,” Loyda said. “But with God’s help, we keep going forward. I ask God for strength to keep sustaining them. I tell my children to forgive their father if one day he comes to visit us.” She continued working hard, pursuing various employment and business opportunities to support her children. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Peru, caring for her family became even more difficult. As a vendor selling food in the local market, Loyda’s business severely declined during the peak months of the pandemic. She struggled to find income. Loyda sold any food or refreshment she could think of just to have enough money to buy rice for the day.   

Her Prayers Answered Through A New Business In Peru

“I prayed to God for help,” Loyda said. “One time we did not have anything to eat, and we bowed to our knees in prayer. That day our neighbor called us to have lunch with them and the next day my sister called me to give me food. I have always trusted the Lord.” 

Loyda remained brave her for children. And thanks to you, Loyda’s miracle was right around the corner, in the form of a new business in Peru! 


Operation Blessing Peru visited the community church where Loyda and her children attend and serve. The Operation Blessing staff proposed a new project to empower women like Loyda during the pandemic. Ten women were trained in the craft of mask making. They learned how to use sewing machines and how to enter the market with brand new products and designs. 

Loyda has been revitalized by this new business in Peru. Your kindness has emboldened her to thrive. She reports she can now better afford daily expenses, reinvest in her business, and pay for her children’s education. 


“This project is helping me to better myself,” Loyda said. “I feel so happy. This is so valuable. Thank you, Operation Blessing!” 

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