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A New Business For A Woman Desperate For Income

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Maria was struggling. When COVID-19 hit Guatemala, her business selling authentic Guatemalan snacks shut down. Mass quarantine orders made customers disappear, along with Maria’s income. So many men and women like her have fallen victim to the economic downfall ignited by the COVID-19 crisis, lasting for months and driving many families to fight for some way to earn money every single day.

Maria felt hopeless.

But your love showed up just in time! The Operation Blessing Guatemala staff met Maria and many other women in their desperate hour of need and gave them the tools to be empowered. Your kindness helped Maria reinvent her enterprise as a new business making face masks. Your gift provided the resources for Maria to learn how to craft and sell face masks, a valuable commodity while we fight the COVID-19 crisis. 

A New Business Making Face Masks

Maria’s new skills and source of income will support her family while her community transitions to a new normal. Thank you for your heart to see women like Maria given the help they need to provide for their families in these uncertain times. God bless you for giving Maria a new business making face masks. To learn how you can get involved, visit

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