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No Room in The Inn – Homeless During COVID-19

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

GUATEMALA – Griselda grew frantic when she became homeless during COVID-19.

She had wandered the streets of Guatemala with her daughter in her arms all that day, desperately seeking work. Having lost her job when the pandemic hit her country, she had no income and no way to pay rent. That afternoon, she arrived home to a front door that simply wouldn’t open. 

homeless during covid

Despite her struggle, Griselda’s attempts to get into her home proved futile. Her landlord had changed the lock. Much like Mary and Joseph faced no room in the inn, Griselda and Sophia had nowhere to stay. To make matters worse, the landlord left Griselda and her 2-year-old daughter, Sophia, with nothing but their clothes.

“He told me that he had to keep my furniture in order to collect the pending rent from there,” Griselda said. “That day I lost everything.” 

A Desperate Struggle

Griselda had no family to turn to, only a friend whom she pleaded with to house her and Sophia for the night. They slept on the floor, while Griselda wrestled with the reality of her situation. “I couldn’t stop thinking about what I would do the next day,” Griselda said. “We had no belongings, no work, money or food. I was really asking God for a miracle.”

guatemala homemless - bringing cots to help

And God heard Griselda’s prayers. Homeless during COVID-19 and desperate to feed her hungry child, Griselda spent hours the next day searching through plastic containers on the street for any food she could find. “I couldn’t stop thinking of my daughter not eating,” she said. Then neighbors told Griselda of a restaurant nearby that was serving free hot meals to over 1,000 visitors every day!

Thanks to your support, OB donated large quantities of food for the restaurant to cook up and serve to those in need. There, Griselda and Sophia found hot and nutritious meals that they could rely on. Griselda was overjoyed to be able to give Sophia something to fill her belly. And your kindness revitalized Griselda in her search for a new job. 

food help for guatemala homeless

She eventually found steady work and located a new place to live. But Griselda and little Sophia had nothing to fill their new home. That’s when Operation Blessing friends like you came to her aid with a table, cots, pillows, a water filter, and food and hygiene products! Your generosity made this all possible.

“What Operation Blessing did was a true blessing for our lives, a light at the end of the tunnel,” Griselda said. “Thank you very much!”

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