OB Honduras' national director cuts the ribbon on a new safe water project.

October Happenings

Operation Blessing October Happenings

October Happenings kicks off with a young man in Rio coming face-to-face with human trafficking via virtual reality.
BRAZIL: A young man comes face to face with the horrors of human trafficking on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Operation Blessing staff and volunteers worked to raise awareness for the fight against modern slavery using a cutting edge virtual reality experience at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Handing out water to flood victims.
LOUISIANA: Operation Blessing president, Bill Horan, distributes water bottles and relief supplies in the wake of historic flooding in the Baton Rouge area.

Orphans from the 2015 Nepal earthquake hold their new school supplies.
NEPAL: Five children orphaned in the 2015 earthquake stand together holding their new backpacks. With nothing to depend on but government support, these kids were without the school supplies and basic hygiene items they needed.

Kids in Iraq share their artwork.
IRAQ: Kids show off their work in an art therapy workshop run by the Edge Institute, an Operation Blessing partner. Here, children are given the chance to address the traumas they’ve suffered during years of conflict in Iraq.

OB Honduras' national director cuts the ribbon on a new safe water project.
HONDURAS: Operation Blessing’s national director in Honduras, Hilda Romero, cuts the tape to inaugurate a brand new safe water project in the village of Brisas. For the first time in 18 years, residents have clean, safe water piped right to their homes!

Mustapha with casts on his legs.
LIBERIA: Young Mustapha wears casts to treat his bilateral clubfoot. After hearing about Operation Blessing partner Miracle Feet, Mustapha’s father traveled 10 hours to bring his son for treatment. The casting and braces worked and now Mustapha is able to walk on corrected feet!


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