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Offering Hope Around the World During Pandemic

Field Report by David Burbach

WORLDWIDE – Since December of 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread from Wuhan, China, where it was first detected, to many countries around the world. The impact of this sweeping global outbreak has been disastrous. Millions have gotten sick, hundreds of thousands have died, and economies have ground to a halt. However, generous friends like you are offering hope all around the world.

Because of your support, Operation Blessing has been able to fight the spread of the pandemic and respond with powerful relief for those hit hard by the coronavirus.

Offering Hope to Mother in Mexico

Mother in Mexico was offered hope during the pandemic thanks to friends like you.

Natalia is a single mother who lives in one of the poorest boroughs in Mexico. She shares a small, concrete home with her daughters and several other family members. Both Natalia and her mother, Octavia, lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Unable to work because of the coronavirus restrictions in their area, they had no way to provide for themselves or their family.

Then, thanks to you, staff from OB Mexico provided food and other essentials to make sure Natalia and her family won’t go hungry. “You don’t know how much this will help us,” Natalia exclaimed. “You’ve brought us a miracle; it will get us through these tough times.”

Providing Help Around the Globe During COVID-19

In the U.S. and 27 other countries around the world, your faithfulness is bringing hope and help in the midst of COVID-19. From distributions of chlorine and other hygiene and disinfecting supplies, to providing masks and protective equipment for medical staff and first responders, to giving food and relief to those who have lost their livelihoods, your kindness is shining God’s love in the midst of these trying times.

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