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Operation Blessing Responds to Hurricane Isaias Destruction

Field Report by Operation Blessing

EAST COAST, UNITED STATES – Destruction caused by Hurricane Isaias is widespread across the East Coast. The hurricane made landfall in North Carolina, and has continued its destructive path up into Canada. Isaias spawned several tornados which destroyed homes, businesses, and, sadly, lives. Hurricane Isaias passed over Virginia late Monday night. The storm produced a tornado which struck Suffolk and surrounding areas. The Suffolk tornado has caused widespread power outages and property damage. And because of this, the area is in desperate need of supplies.

Disaster Relief For Hurricane Isaias

Thankfully, Operation Blessing’s generous partners enabled our Disaster Relief Team to leap into action. Our team loaded a box truck full of disaster relief essentials, like cleaning supplies and fresh water. OB staff delivered these supplies to local pastor Tony Peaks of Open Door Church. “There’s a lot of damage, a lot of trees down, a lot of power outages in that particular area,” Tony told our staff. Together, Pastor Tony and Operation Blessing unloaded the supplies to be distributed in the local area.

Your Support Provides Hurricane Relief 

This would not be possible without your incredible support. Thank you for your generosity, and for your caring heart toward victims of hurricane destruction. Hurricane Isaias may have hit the East Coast hard, but your generosity hits back harder. To learn more about Operation Blessing’s disaster relief efforts, click here.

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