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Water Wells Bring an Overflow of Blessings

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

THAILAND – In America, we take for granted the ease of turning on a faucet, taking a shower, or flushing a toilet. But in so much of the world, clean water is hard to come by. Many spend hours each day trekking through dangerous terrain and hauling water from sources that aren’t even safe. Waterborne illnesses take far too many lives. And lack of water causes others to miss school and work, trapping them in the vicious cycle of poverty–until you sent an overflow of blessings their way!

But for one school and village in Thailand, all of that has changed because friends like you cared enough to help!
The remote community of Ban Pongtueb is home to several tribes, including the Northern Thai and Lahu peoples. The roughly 215 families residing there work primarily in agriculture, growing cassava, rice, corn and beans. And the school in the village serves to educate children through the sixth grade.

Celebrating the new water well.

The Impact Of Water Scarcity

However, water scarcity affected the children and their educations. At times the water source would dry up completely. But even in the best situations, the water was filled with contaminants and unsuitable for drinking.
Sasiprapa, an 11-year-old student said, “For drinking water, I would bring it from home which is around one kilometer away from the school. On some days, if my water is not enough, I would have to buy water to drink.” Some of the students, she said, had no choice and drank the dirty, unsafe water at the school.

Friends Like You Helped Operation Blessing Drill A Water Well

Then, thanks to friends like you, Operation Blessing showed up to initiate a water well project! It not only proved a huge benefit to the schoolchildren, but the blessings also brought an overflow of blessings to help the surrounding village. A nearby farmer named Malee said, “The community has also drawn water from the school to drink and consume. We are all very happy…. May God bless everyone to have happiness and prosperity.”

Thank you for helping to send the priceless gift of clean water to precious people in need all around the world.

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