When Hunger Knocks – Blessings Magazine – April 2014

When Hunger Knocks

Blessings Magazine – April 2014
After Mampesi promised she wouldn’t turn away a hungry child at her doorstep, she began changing lives.

Also in this issue:

  • A Boat for Bella – After her water taxi was stolen, OB partners brought hope to Bella’s family with three special gifts.
  • A Future for Tingting – An OB-sponsored surgery offers a young girl in China a whole new life.
  • World Malaria Day – When little Lucy arrived at the week long medical clinic in her community, she had only hours to live.
  • Casting Hope in Haiti – How fish ranching and other aquaculture techniques are helping change the face of poverty.
  • Praying for Food – With only $6 left and no food for their children, Chris and Dottie prayed for help.

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