A Shoebox of Hope – Blessings Magazine – April 2015

A Shoebox of Hope

Blessings Magazine – April 2015
Abandoned in a shoebox as a tiny infant, little Mika’s life is now full of hope as she celebrates her fifth birthday and receives a precious gift.

Also in this issue:

  • High Hopes – With no safe place to turn on her small island home, a young woman fleeing abuse receives the helping hand she needs.
  • Orphaned by Ebola – Operation Blessing brings hope to children left orphaned by the Ebola virus.
  • Give a Gift that Changes Lives – Join Club Bless and bless the lives of vulnerable children all around the world!
  • Eliana’s Answered Prayer – A struggling mother in Peru is given the special blessing of a new home and business.
  • Living Life Two Weeks at a Time – An Operation Blessing-supported food pantry helps a struggling young family put food on the table.

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