A Stitch in Time – Blessings Magazine – July 2013

A Stitch in Time

Blessings Magazine – July 2013
Miss Bea’s sewing school is doing more than just teaching young girls a trade – it’s saving them from a life on the streets.

Also in this issue:

  • Calling Freedom – New 24-hour hotline offers hope to girls caught in trafficking.
  • Terror in Oklahoma – In the wake of a massive tornado, Operation Blessing teams respond with emergency relief and aid for families.
  • No Room for Napping – A special donation makes sleeping easier – and more comfortable – for children at a daycare in El Salvador.
  • Seeing Beauty – Congenital cataracts prevented Sindi from seeing her stunning surroundings – until she was offered an unexpected blessing.
  • Help Wanted – A single mom in need of a job finds help and hope at a local food pantry.

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