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Recovering From Super Typhoon Goni

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Super typhoon Goni struck the Philippines with incredible force. Like all powerful storms, there will be a long road for the people recovering from Super Typhoon Goni.The third typhoon to hit the Pacific islands in a two-week span brought torrential winds and mass flooding. Thousands of families were devastated, losing land, property, and crops. Some even lost beloved family members. Men, women, and children were left reeling.

Evangeline is a single mother of six. The devoted mother has now been stripped of her stability, as Goni destroyed her entire home. Now she and her family must begin the process of recovering from Super Typhoon Goni. Evangeline and her children are now surviving among the rubble, hungry and feeling hopeless.

But, thanks to YOU, hope was not far behind! Evangeline and her neighbors were quickly met by Operation Blessing teams to help with their most critical needs. As part of Operation Blessing’s One Step Ahead Program in the Philippines, your generosity mobilized Operation Blessing to respond as soon as Super Typhoon Goni had passed. You provided bags of food, hygiene kits, sleeping mats, and New Testament Bibles. In addition to these resources, Operation Blessing teams prayed with Goni victims and offered encouragement. Thank you for your heart to see families like Evangeline’s cared for in this trying season.

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