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Merciful Relief for the Hungry in Mexico During COVID-19

Field Report by David Burbach

MEXICO – Enriqueta is a single mom living in a small community near Mexico City. Since COVID-19 hit, things have been very difficult for her. “I lost my job cleaning houses,” she said. “But because of the pandemic, I can’t go out and look for a new job.” To make matters worse, the local government school stopped serving meals to the kids.

Enriqueta wondered how she would provide for her children saying, “We need help. I need it for my kids.”

As they were running out of food, Enriqueta worried that her kids would go hungry. “As long as my kids have something to eat, it’s okay,” she said. “I can eat less so they can have more.”

relief for the hungry in mexico during covid19

Relief For The Hungry

About a year ago, your generosity allowed Operation Blessing to provide a new clean water system for Enriqueta’s village. When the pandemic came to Mexico, you sent Operation Blessing back to help Enriqueta and others in her community and provide relief for the hungry. You provided boxes filled with rice, beans and other grocery items as well as essentials like oil, toilet paper and soap to help get them through this difficult time.

“Thank you all for this food,” Enriqueta exclaimed. “I hope God keeps giving you strength so you can help more people. Thank you!”

God bless you for showing His merciful love to those who have struggled so much during COVID-19 and providing relief for the hungry in Mexico during COVID-19. Your kindness is a beacon of hope when they need it most!

Mexico Hunger relief

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