Rescued from the grip of trafficking

Children are rescued from the grip of trafficking in Benin, Africa

BENIN – In the small nation of Benin, Africa, families suffering from crushing poverty in rural communities have few options—hunger ravages young children who eat only a bit of bread and weak tea each morning, going to school without lunch and often going without dinner as well.

When these children are offered work in the city—the chance to earn a few dollars to purchase much needed food—many desperate parents agree to send their children far from home.

But more often than not, the children are instead trafficked into forced labor, domestic servitude and even sexual exploitation. They are even taken across borders into other nations, making it nearly impossible for them to ever return home.

In partnership with Orphan Relief and Rescue, Operation Blessing is helping prevent child trafficking in Benin by fighting hunger with daily nutritious meals for at-risk children.

Meals help prevent at-risk children from being trafficked

Further, Operation Blessing is providing a special sewing program for single mothers and other vulnerable women, many of whom already know how to sew, but lack the supplies and machines to earn an income with the skill. New sewing machines enable the women to better provide for their children in the safety of their own community.

“By rescuing one child in a family, then we have saved all the children in the family,” said Orphan Relief and Rescue staff, “because the family will now come to us before sending away another child.”

Operation Blessing aids children in Benin


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