Rescued from the rubble

Bihani was rescued from the rubble of her home.

NEPAL – This beautiful little girl is Bihani, she’s 2.5 years old and completely adorable. Her face is covered in scrapes and bruises from injuries she sustained in the earthquake.

Her house was completely destroyed and she was trapped inside, pinned under a mound of bricks and debris. Fortunately she was rescued quickly, but her story is one of extreme tragedy—her mother was killed next to her in the hallway, just steps away from the door.

Help Nepal earthquake victims

Bihani's home is now rubble.

Bihani is now in the care of her aunt and, together with eight other extended family members, they now live in a makeshift tent made from plastic sheeting. Bihani’s uncle told me of their ordeal and how they were so relieved to have rescued her. He explained that they lost almost all of their possessions and their food stores, so they were very grateful when Operation Blessing came to their village to deliver aid.

Aid for Bihani's family in Nepal.

Today, thanks to Operation Blessing, Bihani and her family received food supplies, blankets, flashlights and a community water station for safe drinking water. Bihani even had the honor of being the first member of the community to turn on the faucet. All the villagers love her, and I had the sense that she will be well taken care of in a loving environment. Of all the people we served today, she stood out to me as an example of how important our work here really is.

Safe water for Bihani's community.

Bihani now has access to safe drinking water in Nepal.

So many Nepalis have experienced trauma and loss beyond imagination and for Operation Blessing to come deliver supplies not only provides a lifeline, it provides hope. Today I met orphans, I met widows and I met communities struggling to comprehend what they are going through, and I’m confident that our presence and the vital aid we are providing is offering hope to these wonderful people.

OBI's David Darg with little Bihani in Nepal.

OBI’s David Darg, vice president of international operations, is on the ground in Nepal after the recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake.


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