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Do’s and Don’ts for a COVID Safe Christmas

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

Let’s face it. This pandemic has stretched far too long: longer than any of us ever expected. So we thought we’d help you out by creating a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” for a safe Christmas during COVID-19. But don’t worry. While there are some obvious things we all should avoid, there are plenty of things we CAN DO to enjoy a wonderful Christmas season celebrating the coming of Christ.

Let’s Start with the Pandemic Don’ts for this Christmas.

Don’t – gather in large, tight crowds. This is a year to spend Christmas with special people including your household and those in your safe “bubble.”

Don’t – stand or sit within six feet of others from outside your household for extended periods. Maintaining physical distance can keep your holiday merry and bright.

Don’t – go in public without a mask to protect yourself and others. It’s a small price to pay to show how much you care.

Don’t – travel by unsafe methods. Car travel is safest this year, if at all possible. But if you must fly, take all necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe.

Don’t – spend beyond your means. Especially if your finances have been affected by COVID-19. Consider sentimental and homemade gifts instead. No need to add even more stress to an already stressful time!

Decorating Christmas tree

And Now the Many Do’s.

Do – decorate your home to the hilt! This is the perfect year to go all out since your home will be your primary Christmas celebration location this year. And remember to put up those lights outside to bless others as well.

Do – go out and enjoy the Christmas lights with your loved ones. It’s a perfect season to take a ride through the neighborhoods and hunt for the best light displays in town.

Do – enjoy safe outdoor activities. Many areas are offering outdoor Christmas fun in safe ways by requiring masks and reservations to avoid crowds.

Do – connect with nature. Although it might be chilly in your area, God’s beautiful handiwork is still available all around us, and a cup of warm cider or cocoa will chase away the chill!

Do – celebrate Advent with your family to prepare your hearts for the Christmas celebration. Check out our free advent devotional here.

Free download advent devotion

Do – participate in safe, outdoor, or online Christmas church services. This year more than ever we need God in our lives, and we need to remember the true reason for the season.

Do – enjoy baking special treats. With so many activities cancelled this year, consider that more time to make something special for your household.

Do –try new traditions for this unusual season. Bringing to life a tradition you’ve never tried before, perhaps from a foreign land, will keep this year exciting and fresh. Check out our Christmas Around the World recipe and tradition booklet here.

Christmas around the world recipes and traditions

Do – remember to give to the poor. Christmas should be a season of giving more than getting. If finances allow, partner with an organization like Operation Blessing to provide a brighter Christmas to people in desperate need. If finances are tight, maybe you can give $5 or $10 because every little bit counts. Or find another way to volunteer to bless others through your time and assistance. You can give a Christmas donation here, or choose a special gift through our Christmas catalog here.

I hope you enjoyed our suggestions for a safe Christmas during COVID-19, and I hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged to have a season full of laughter, light, and love. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

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