Safe Water in the Dusty Mountains Above Lima, Peru

The terrain on the outskirts of Lima, Peru is not what some would expect to see. Instead of the luscious vegetation and snaking rivers often associated with the Amazon basin there are dry, sandy mountains. It almost looks like another planet. Being so far from the main city means that the residents don’t have access to running water. Instead, once a week, a water truck comes by and fills up their buckets. This water has to last them a week, and they use it for everything – from cooking, to cleaning, to drinking. However, the water is NOT safe to drink. It has bacteria and sediment that can make the drinker ill. This is a real worry for residents like Giovanna and her husband. They have 3 children and their health is of the utmost importance. To help put Giovanna’s mind at ease, Operation Blessing gave her and her family a Kohler water purifier. A simple gravity powered machine that filters out and bacteria or sediment in the water and makes it safe for drinking.


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