Reda can now study thanks to vision surgery from Operation Blessing partners.

Saving His Vision

Reda can now study thanks to vision surgery from Operation Blessing partners.

ISRAEL – At just 6 years old, young Reda has lived a hard life in the West Bank. He lost his father at just 2 years old and has suffered from a debilitating eye condition since birth. The boy lives with his mother, sister, and two brothers, but the family could not afford the treatment that Reda needed. Making matters worse, Reda endured painful bullying from his peers because of his appearance.

Doctors in Israel perform Reda's surgery for his vision.

At birth, Reda was diagnosed with myogenic ptosis in his right eye. The condition caused his eyelid to sag down, partially blocking his vision. Doctors soon advised the family that Reda needed surgery to repair his eyelid and prevent the condition from worsening into blindness. However, with the death of Reda’s father, the family lost what health insurance they’d once had and could not afford the surgery Reda so badly needed.

Reda recovering after his surgery.

That’s when Operation Blessing’s faithful partners stepped in to provide healing for Reda! He was taken to St. John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem where doctors performed surgery on his eyelid. The cost of Reda’s care was completely covered by Operation Blessing’s partners. Now, Reda’s vision has been fully restored, and he no longer has to face the prospect of losing his sight or the bullying of other children. In fact, he can now play and study just like his classmates. Truly, Reda’s life has been transformed by the kindness of OBI supporters like you!

Reda playing ball now that his vision has been restored.


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