Serving children in South Central LA

Operation Blessing IMPACT team in California

About the blogger: Emily is part of a team of young adults from Focus One who have joined OBI for a week-long trip to California to serve the homeless, hungry and impoverished.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity of helping out with Metro Kidz in South Central L.A. It was an amazing experience to say the least.

When we arrived at Trinity Park, we immediately began passing out flyers and encouraging children to come to the program in the park. It was amazing to me to see how these children would grab the flyers—knowing exactly what Metro Kidz was. They seem to really look forward to this program every week. And it’s not just a time of entertainment, but also a chance for them to receive the encouragement that will resonate deep within them as they grow up in an often harsh world.

Setting up for Metro Kidz program

Focus One group participating in Metro Kidz event through OBI

I hadn’t realized that Pastor Julian and his staff have been conducting these programs in this same park every Thursday for the last 15 years. Even beyond encouraging and entertaining these kids, they serve these families through the gift of food.

Preparing food and supplies for distribution in Los Angeles

It was so much fun to play with the children while many of their mothers lined up to receive food. And these mothers watched their children play and laugh with joy. Because this can be such a dangerous area, many of these children know nothing but struggle, violence, danger and fear. So Metro Kidz offers more than just fun; they provide an atmosphere of safety, love and encouragement. This program could very well change the lives of thousands of children.

Encouraging children in South Central LA

Operation Blessing working with Metro Kidz in California


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