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Shaken but Undeterred

Field Report by David Burbach

MEXICO – It was nearly midnight. With her three boys, Ángel, Silver, and Darwin, asleep, Luzbeth got ready for bed after a long day of work. Suddenly, her house began to creak and groan. Then someone screamed outside. The ground began to shake violently, and Luzbeth’s house started to crumble.

Brothers Silver and Darwin after the earthquake.

After what seemed like an eternity, the quaking stopped. Luzbeth was thankful that she and her boys had escaped with their lives. Unfortunately, all that remained of their home was a pile of shaken rubble. In fact, more than 80-percent of Juchitán, Luzbeth’s village, was razed to the ground by the powerful earthquake.

The boys pitch in to help with the construction of their new home!

For Luzbeth, a hard-working single mom, this was the second time a natural disaster had left her homeless. Just seven years before, a flood destroyed her home and her belongings. She had hoped she would never have to start over again. As the dust settled from the recent tragedy, discouragement overtook her, and Luzbeth wondered how she would go on. But she knew she had to be strong for her sons. She became determined to rebuild somehow.

Luzbeth and her family pose with the Operation Blessing construction crew in front of their new home.

Once the dust settled from two powerful earthquakes that rocked the Oaxaca region of Mexico, Operation Blessing began assembling volunteer teams to help rebuild homes for the most vulnerable families. Before long, thanks your support, a team arrived to build Luzbeth, Ángel, Silver, and Darwin a new house. Now, the family has a better home than they did before the earthquake. Not only that, but by providing her with a kitchen and furniture, Operation Blessing partners helped Luzbeth start her own business selling home-cooked meals.

Luzbeth and her three boys smile, shaken but undeterred.

Shaken but undeterred, Luzbeth and her sons are now enjoying their new home and increased income. With your help, what began as a tragedy for this family has become a springboard into the future!

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