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On Their Feet at Last

Field Report by David Burbach

PERU – Juan Carlos is a devoted single father to his four children, but every day was a struggle to earn enough money to feed them. Juan got up at 5:00 a.m. to prepare the plantain snacks and snow cones that he would spend the rest of the day selling in order to buy food for his family.

A Difficult Time for a Single Father

Several years ago, Juan Carlos’ wife left him, taking their two youngest children with her. Juan Carlos was heartbroken. “She had taken my daughters, and I didn’t know where they went,” Juan Carlos recalled. Three months later, when Juan Carlos found his daughters, it was obvious that they had not been well taken care of or properly fed. Juan Carlos brought them home with him and has been caring for all four of his children ever since.

Daugher Mel in the old dangerous home.

The family lived in a dilapidated house perched on stilts to protect them from the seasonal river floods. But with a leaking roof and walls made of nothing more than sheets of plastic, the home did little to protect the family from the elements.

Despite all his hard work Juan Carlos and his family were struggling. This single father needed help, and Operation Blessing’s faithful partners reached out to give him a hand up.

Juan Carlos Gets a Hand Up in Peru

Single father, Juan, got business support from Operation Blessing friends.

It wasn’t long after a local OB volunteer met Juan Carlos that Operation Blessing gave Juan Carlos’s business the boost it needed to grow and provide for his family. A new gas stove, pan, spatulas, and sealing machine will now help Juan Carlos take his business to the next level. “Now, thanks to OB, I have everything I need to continue selling,” Juan Carlos said. “I like my new stove and my frying pan!”

A new safe home for Juan and his children.

And, thanks to your generosity, the blessings didn’t end there. After seeing the dangerous condition of Juan Carlos’ house, OB Peru decided to build the family a brand-new, safe home. “I am so happy to have a new house where I am safe with my dad and my siblings,” Juan Carlos’ son, Carlos, rejoiced. “Thanks to OB, I am here.”

It is thanks to the generosity and compassion of OB partners like you that Juan Carlos and his children now have plenty to eat and a beautiful new home. This is the kind of long-term, sustainable transformation that your support of Operation Blessing makes possible. Thank you for blessing Juan Carlos and his children!

Daughter Mel smiles as she holds a snow cone.

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