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Single Mother Receives Blessing Just In Time!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

COSTA RICA – Marta is a single mother in Costa Rica with two sons. She is devoted to her family, striving to provide her children with the best life possible. But when COVID-19 hit Costa Rica, Marta lost her job. She was devastated and blindsided by the news. But her two sons at home motivated her to search for a new job. Marta travelled to different companies, different neighborhoods, out to the banana plantations, but no one would hire her. COVID-19 had shut down the entire country.

Marta began to worry. She quickly used the small amount of savings she had. Marta began skipping meals so her children would be fed. But soon, even that was not enough. Marta and her sons would only have enough food for one meal per day. Her sons would often go on walks to the river to distract themselves from hunger. Marta was fighting her own hunger while watching her children suffer.

But thanks to YOU, Marta’s blessing was right around the corner! Operation Blessing travelled right to Marta’s door with bags of food to sustain this single mother in Costa Rica through this difficult season. Marta can now concentrate on finding new work, resting assured that her sons are well fed. Thank you!

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  • Amy Fischer my says:

    Please go to help the people of South Lafourche Parish in Louisiana.  Towns like Cut Off, Galliano, etc.  

    • Operation Blessing says:

      Hi Amy, We are in the early planning stages of returning to Louisiana and will be reaching out to some of the areas that you mentioned. For updates you can call 1.800.730.2537.